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Re: infomagic

On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 10:51:07PM -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
> > Why can we not release "soon"?
> > 
> >   * Our boot disks don't work anymore
> If they don't, we can just stick slink's boot disks back in. It wouldn't
> be the end of the world.


If you cannot use the rescue disk to rescue the system because of the
difference in libc's, there's a problem ....

> >   * We need to fix the cdrom layout
> Doesn't seem earth-shattering, either.

Reported as done too..

> >   * We have almost THREE HUNDRED release critical bugs that must be fixed
> >     prior to release
> Careful, you're getting hysterical. What debian release has _not_ had
> release-critical bugs? (*cough* dpkg *cough*) Have you looked at the
> list? There's some stuff in there that's arguable, some stuff that can
> be easily fixed by dropping packages from the dist, and some that
> frankly aren't likely to be fixed.

Most of the bugs I'm seeing are minor fixes.  They NEED to be done.  And I
think I would probably leave the project in disgust before I allowed a
release with THREE HUNDRED release critical bugs to be considered ready
for the public's consumption.  That's just IMO plain wrong.

> >   * The archive maintainers haven't had time to process the manual stuff
> >     in incoming for what feels like ages but is probably more like a
> >     couple of weeks
> I haven't seen anyone asking for help, so this must not be a crisis,
> either.

You don't hear Ian asking for help with dpkg but look at the number of
bugs against it...  Look at the date of the last upload he made to it too.

> >   * dinstall seems to be broken/breaking
> >   * Our mirrors are out of sync
> One follows from the other. Did I miss the plea for help on this one?

The archive maintainers didn't make one.  Everybody ELSE on the other
hand, did.  It seems fixed now.

It's really not to wise to assume that just because the persons
responsible for fixing a problem have not asked others for help does not
mean the problem isn't bigger than they can conveniently handle as you
assumed above.  It's even less wise to assume that if they don't ask for
help fixing the problem that there is no problem to fix as you do here.

> >   * We need a reasonable testing period after we've fixed the above
> Yay, someone else who's itching for a freeze! :-P

I'm itching to see the problems fixed.  WHEN (if?) they are fixed, I'll be
happy to join you in itching for a freeze.  Not before then though.  I can
see what dark is TRYING to do here.  He wants us to freeze when we're done
breaking things.  This goes against tradition of a freeze announced ahead
of time with lots of last minute uploads that screw us for 6 months while
we TRY to fix all the new bugs created and having all out of date software
by the time we DO release.

If people make their last minute uploads and act like we've got a
traditional freeze now, we'll get a release soon.  So far, the silent
majority is voting for the traditional last-minute-upload thing.  I hope
dark doesn't give in to the pressure to freeze soon whether we're ready or

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