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Re: Configuring postgresql

Sorry to follow up on my own posting but I still have not been able to
get the postgresql package to install.

Douglas Bates <bates@cs.wisc.edu> writes:

> I'm having trouble trying to install the postgresql_6.5-3 package in a
> potato system.  Is there a known work-around for the following error?

I still cannot get the postgresql package to configure on a potato
system.  I have purged everything I can find that has to do with
postgres, removed the /var/postgres and /usr/lib/postgresql
directories and started the installation from scratch with a
postgresql_6.5.1-1.deb package that I picked up from master.debian.org

I get an error that I have been getting weeks now when creating the
template database on a clean install.  After that there is an error
cascade because the template1 database does not exist.

The transcript is:
 Selecting previously deselected package postgresql.
 (Reading database ... 48364 files and directories currently installed.
 Unpacking postgresql (from postgresql_6.5.1-1.deb) ...

 Setting up postgresql (6.5.1-1) ...
 Updating /var/postgres/.profile ...
 Now installing the PostgreSQL database files in /var/postgres/data
 su postgres -c cd /var/postgres; . .profile; initdb -l /usr/lib/postgresql/lib -r /var/postgres/data -u postgres

 We are initializing the database system with username postgres (uid=31).
 This user will own all the files and must also own the server process.

 Creating Postgres database system directory /var/postgres/data/base

 Creating template database in /var/postgres/data/base/template1
	 syntax error 2334 : parse error
 Creating global classes in /var/postgres/data/base

 Adding template1 database to pg_database...

 Vacuuming template1
 postgres: invalid option -- O
 Usage: postgres [-B nbufs] [-d lvl] ] [-f plantype] [-v protocol] [-o filename] [-P portno] [-t tracetype] [-x opttype] [-bCEiLFNopQSs] [dbname]
 ... (error messages repeated several times)

I would appreciate any suggestions on this.  I have a lot of people
very angry at me because the main directories for our web site have
been missing for over a week.  We were storing the information to
generate those directories in postgresql.  I do realize there is a
certain element of risk in running the unstable release.

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