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Policy for default mount points?

Hello everyone.

Firstly, sorry if this should have been posted to the policy list. I
get the impression from the description of the policy list that it's
more for discussion of what the policy should be, whereas this is a
question about what I should do.

I'm building a new package of p3nfs, which I have adopted (my Debian
developer registration has not yet gone through, however). One of the
things I'm trying to do is bring the package in line with Debian

A brief description of the package - basically it mounts a Psion
handheld computer so that the files stored on it are accessible via
the local workstation.

The upstream package defaults to mounting the Psion at
'/psion.stand/mnt', and the package maintainers before me were
changing that to '/psion/mnt'. Since both of these are causing the
package to create a dir off of root, it breaks the FHS (and FSSTND as
well, I think), and lintian complains. I considered making it
'/mnt/psion', but '/mnt/ is described as a place for temporary mounts
anyway (plus lintian complains).

I had a look through the list archives of policy and devel, and only
found a small amount of discussion on the topic, and no final say on
what was to be done.

Can anyone make any suggests as to where I can have the program mount
the Psion by default? It's easily configurable by the user after
installation anyway, so they can change it if they don't like it.

Thanks in advance.

Matthew Gregan                                  kinetik@ihug.co.nz

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