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Re: {pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts in Python?

On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 09:58:12PM +0200, Milan Zamazal wrote:
> I maintain a package (gnats) with non-trivial installation scripts,
> which shell is not a good tool for.  They are currently written in Perl,
> which is better than shell, however I'm not satisfied with it either.  I
> plan to rewrite them in Python.  The reasons are that I'm much more
> familiar with Python than with Perl, that it's much more easy to make
> the scripts safe in Python than in Perl, and that Python scripts are
> more readable.  If I actually do this, the unpleasant side effect will
> be that you will have to install python-base with gnats, only because of
> the installation/removal scripts.

        If you use Python for preinstall, you'll need
        Pre-Depends, and I'm opposed to that just for the sake
        of not starting a trend. If you can't maintain the
        maintainer scripts, why don't you try asking for help?
        The hardest part is always specifying what it _should_
        do, not implementing it.

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