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{pre,post}{inst,rm} scripts in Python?

I maintain a package (gnats) with non-trivial installation scripts,
which shell is not a good tool for.  They are currently written in Perl,
which is better than shell, however I'm not satisfied with it either.  I
plan to rewrite them in Python.  The reasons are that I'm much more
familiar with Python than with Perl, that it's much more easy to make
the scripts safe in Python than in Perl, and that Python scripts are
more readable.  If I actually do this, the unpleasant side effect will
be that you will have to install python-base with gnats, only because of
the installation/removal scripts.

The impact can be reduced by the fact, that I'll provide a WWW interface
to gnats (in a separate package) written in Python.

So I'd like to ask you, as Debian users, whether it is more annoying to
you to install python-base "needlessly" or to have not so perfect
installation/removal actions.  (I know the best user side solution is to
leave the scripts in Perl and make them nice, but I'm not considering this

Looking forward your opinions,

Milan Zamazal

"Having GNU Emacs is like having a dragon's cave of treasures."
                                                Robert J. Chassell

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