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Re: SPAM from Red Hat

>> "Justin" == Justin Maurer <justin@slashdot.org> wrote:

Justin> or not, imho, it's forgivable and kind.
Justin> no good deed goes unpunished

I don't get thie whole thing.

a) do they really believed this could be kept secret for five minutes?

b) what do they mean by "personal, non-transferable", when there is
only one account? What will they do if it is published in usenet? If
they would not do anything -  why keep it closed in the first case?

c) why didn't they contact a person at each big efford like Apache,
CPAN, Debian, FSF, GNOME, LDP, KDE etc. and ask him to act a a proxy
for the people interested?

d) they can't cover all people involved, and rather risk to hurt
valuable contributers by not mailing them.

This all seams to make the whole thing a marketing efford - "Red Hat
generously offers stock options to open source developers". If it is
doable or if it will fail doesn't seem to be a concern. The news is

Reminds me badly of the markedroids I have to deal with in my job...

Let's just drop this and got some things done. Personaly, I get to bed 


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