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Re: SPAM from Red Hat

> a) do they really believed this could be kept secret for five minutes?

it wasn't meant to be a secret, exactly. read on...

> b) what do they mean by "personal, non-transferable", when there is
> only one account? What will they do if it is published in usenet? If
> they would not do anything -  why keep it closed in the first case?

it means they can't give it to just anyone. they probably had to give a list 
of names to the SEC of people who they're willing to do it for. SEC makes 
pre-ipo companies hush-hush.

> c) why didn't they contact a person at each big efford like Apache,
> CPAN, Debian, FSF, GNOME, LDP, KDE etc. and ask him to act a a proxy
> for the people interested?

see b)

> d) they can't cover all people involved, and rather risk to hurt
> valuable contributers by not mailing them.

it's a shame, you're right. this was probably the closest way. they had 
a few people actively search out people who they thought were worthy, but 
some were bound to be missed :(

> This all seams to make the whole thing a marketing efford - "Red Hat
> generously offers stock options to open source developers". If it is
> doable or if it will fail doesn't seem to be a concern. The news is
> made.

it makes for news, but the shares will be sold regardless of whether or 
not the parties in question buy them.

> Let's just drop this and got some things done. Personaly, I get to bed 
> :-)

fine by me. hope your questions have been answered :)

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