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Re: Woes with X Display Managers

>>>"Martin Bialasinski" wrote:
 > >> "Achim" == Achim Bohnet <ach@mpe.mpg.de> wrote:
 > Achim> b) introduce a display-manager package.  It's
 > Achim> init.d script would would start one of
 > Achim> the available display managers.
 > Achim> I like b) and one solution would be a /etc/X11/display-manager
 > Achim> direcotory that contains the real startup scripts and
 > Achim> /etc/X11/display-manager.opts (by default the first script in
 > Achim> display-managers is used).  The opts file could also be used to
 > Achim> start different display managers at different runlevel (If've
 > Achim> read in the BTS that people are doing thinks like that :)
 > I also thought about something like this, but got distracted.
 > You have to keep this in mind:
 > - display managers handle logins from remote hosts, so there must only 
 > one doing this.

And at least wdm and xdm what to do it by default.
 > - you can have multiple displays. So :0 with xdm and :1 with gdm has
 > to be possible.
That the real origin of my post: I installed gdm to configure it for :1
in addition to kde on :0  and finally I had to use the (un)famous
3-keys :(
 > And the display managers define in their own config files which
 > display they will serve.
 > So, display managers should shiped configured not to do any stuff.
 > Instead they register some scripts:
 > manage-display
 > unmanage-display
 > manage-xdmcp
 > unmanage-xdmcp
 > restart-dm
 > and they register that they want to serve display 0 and xdmcp by
 > default (think about non-interactive installation, so no questions).

Agreed.  At least wdm, kdm violate this rule (can't remember what gdm
did before the deb -r )

 > So a user can use the config-dm script (or curses/gtk programm
 > whatever) to enable xdm for :0, login.app for :1 and gdm for xdmcp.

That's my goal.  Impress the NT users here :)

 > The script would then call the script registered by xdm for the
 > manage-display option with the parameter :0, the script registered by
 > login.app for the manage-display option with the parameter :1, and the
 > script registered by gdm for the manage-xdmcp option.
 > Oh, and it has to call the respective unmanage-* scripts, to make the
 > display available on a change.
 > With the restart-dm option (would be /etc/init.d/<dm> restart I
 > think), the display-managers have to be informed about the change.

Agreed.  Only restart-dm should be what's currently /etc/init.d/?dm
So not used dms could be stopped or not started at all at boot time.

Let run before we can walk for a moment:  The hypotetical GUI for config-dm
could be put into the menu of login prompter to allow to switch the used
dm on the fly :)

 > Clumsy description, but I think you get the meaning. The
 > display-managers should change their configfiles by themself, and the
 > user just opts for the version to use.

Thanks for the constructive comments!

 > Ciao,
 > 	Martin

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