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Re: Woes with X Display Managers

>> "Achim" == Achim Bohnet <ach@mpe.mpg.de> wrote:

Achim> b) introduce a display-manager package.  It's
Achim> init.d script would would start one of
Achim> the available display managers.

Achim> I like b) and one solution would be a /etc/X11/display-manager
Achim> direcotory that contains the real startup scripts and
Achim> /etc/X11/display-manager.opts (by default the first script in
Achim> display-managers is used).  The opts file could also be used to
Achim> start different display managers at different runlevel (If've
Achim> read in the BTS that people are doing thinks like that :)

I also thought about something like this, but got distracted.

You have to keep this in mind:

- display managers handle logins from remote hosts, so there must only 
one doing this.

- you can have multiple displays. So :0 with xdm and :1 with gdm has
to be possible.

And the display managers define in their own config files which
display they will serve.

So, display managers should shiped configured not to do any stuff.

Instead they register some scripts:


and they register that they want to serve display 0 and xdmcp by
default (think about non-interactive installation, so no questions).

So a user can use the config-dm script (or curses/gtk programm
whatever) to enable xdm for :0, login.app for :1 and gdm for xdmcp.

The script would then call the script registered by xdm for the
manage-display option with the parameter :0, the script registered by
login.app for the manage-display option with the parameter :1, and the
script registered by gdm for the manage-xdmcp option.

Oh, and it has to call the respective unmanage-* scripts, to make the
display available on a change.

With the restart-dm option (would be /etc/init.d/<dm> restart I
think), the display-managers have to be informed about the change.

Clumsy description, but I think you get the meaning. The
display-managers should change their configfiles by themself, and the
user just opts for the version to use.


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