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ITP: yafc (Yet another FTP client)

As soon as my application is processed, I intend to package yafc for

Description: Yet Another FTP Client
 Yafc is an ftp client intended to be a replacement for the standard
 ftp(1) program. Features include directory cache, remote filename
 completion, aliases, colored ls, recursive get/put/ls/rm, nohup mode
 transfers, tagging (queueing), background downloading, and more.
 This version is compiled without KTH Kerberos 4 authentication.

Kerberos authentication may come later, as version 5 is also supported
(but the packages are in Creation according to WNPP). However, I am in
the US, so I will have to research the legality of that. I also have
to learn how to make a multi-binary package :-)

The license is GPL. The package so far is availible here:
So please test it and tell me if you have problems.

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