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What is VJE-PEN:
  The VJE-Pen is the Simple Word Processor with Japanese and free.
The original copyright is written by Japanese.
This english copyright is translated for Debian Package.
The original Japanese copyright shall control final interpretation
and legal effect of the said agreement.

The original copyright is included this packages as 
/usr/doc/vjepen/vpl.euc (EUC) and /usr/doc/vjepen/vpl.txt(SJIS)".


[This is a translation of the Japanese version of the software
 license agreement. The Japanese version shall control final
 interpretation and legal effect of the said agreement.]

VACS Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "VACS") 
hereby enters into the following agreement (hereinafter
referred to as "Agreement") with the person who keeps the software
comprising source programs, documents, and this license (hereinafter
referred to as "Software") in its possession (hereinafter referred to
as "Licensee", which includes a corporation as well) in connection
with permission of its non-exclusive use of the Software without charge.

Article 1.  Conclusion of the Agreement.

1.  Licensee shall be deemed to have agreed to conclude the Agreement
when it reproduces or uses a program contained in the Software.  To
use a program means here to operate an object program (including a
program produced from a source program with a compiler etc.) on a computer.

Article 2.  Permissible Actions, Prohibited Actions.

1.  Licensee may use any program contained in the Software.

2.  Licensee may reproduce or modify the Software (including changing
and/or deleting contents of the Software and combining the Software
with other software and/or data on which it possesses, but not
including changing the Agreement; mere compression of the Software
without any change of contents by a data compression program etc. is
not considered to be modification of the Software so long as it may be
restored by an appropriate method); provided, however, that the
modification shall not infringe upon copyrights or intellectual
proprietary rights of a third party (including VACS. Same below.).

3.  Licensee may provide reproduction of the Software (including the
modification.  Hereinafter a reproduction of the Software is referred
to as the Software.) to a third party.  When the Software is not the
modified one, Licensee shall abide by items (1) below, and
when the Software is the modified one, Licensee shall abide by all the
items from (1) to (4) below.

(1) In case an object program produced from the source program
contained in the Software is distributed to any one, the corresponding
source program shall be distributed together.

(2) The version number of the Software shall be renewed by an
appropriate method, and effects of the modification shall be recorded. 
The history of the modification shall not be changed or deleted
(excluding correction of a wrong entry).

(3) VACS retains all rights, title and interest in and to the Original Code
and any Modifications made by or on behalf of VACS.
The indications of copyrights of VACS or others shall not be
altered or deleted. Licensee shall not be asserted a derivative copyright
on modified part for whatever reason.

(4) In case Licensee modify and distribute Original Code, with or without
Modifications, VACS has a copyright to such part of the Software as
provided by Licensee. The provision of the Software may be free of charge.

Article 3.  Exemption from Responsibility.

Licensee shall waive and shall not seek VACS. or a third party who
provides the Software under an agreement with the same provisions as
those of the Agreement for any warranty on the Software, for any claim
of provision of any technical works, or any claim for liability of
loss or damages resulting from or related to the Software.

Article 4.  Termination of the Agreement.
1.  Licensee may terminate the Agreement anytime.

2.  If Licensee violates the Agreement, VACS. may immediately terminate
the Agreement.

3.  VACS. may terminate the Agreement at the end of a period VACS.
specifies by so notifying a Licensee individually or by announcing
termination of licensing the Software in the WWW site of VACS.

4.  If and when the period VACS. specifies in accordance with the 3rd
Paragraph of this Article has elapsed at the time when Licensee agrees
to conclude the Agreement in accordance with the 1st Paragraph of this
Article, the Agreement shall terminate immediately.

5.  Upon termination of the Agreement, Licensee shall destroy the
Software and its reproductions which it possesses without delay.

6.  Licensee may not request VACS. to pay to it any compensation for
termination of the Agreement for whatever reason.

Article 5.  Miscellaneous.

1. The obligations under the effects of Article 3 shall survive even after
the Agreement terminates.

2. The Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with and governed
by the laws of Japan.

 Yoshiaki Yanagihara
 E-mail: yochi@debian.or.jp

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