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ITP: vje-delta (installer)

I wish upload the installer package for VJE-Delta.
What is VJE-Delta:
  The vje-delta package is installer to install "VJE-Delta for Linux/BSD"
  to Debian System, and update VJE-Delta to the latest version (update4
  version) linked libc6. 

  VJE-Delta is commercial software for Japanese Input Method tool and
  released by VACS corporation.

  This package include the update binary files to run VJE-Delta 
  on libc6 environment. The Re-distribution of the update archive of
  VJE-Delta is permitted by the VACS Corporation.

  This installer is my original source.
  The license is GPL.

 Yoshiaki Yanagihara
 E-mail: yochi@debian.or.jp

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