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Package of nAIM available

I just packaged up nAIM, n's AIM client, a client for AOL's Instant
Messenger service for ncurses.  It's my first package, and I'd appreciate
people poking about it looking for problems, or even things that aren't
problems but are even vaugely sub-optimal.

There's one known problem: it elicits a tclsh-script-but-no-tclsh-dep error
from lintian, and it is technicly in violation of policy.  However, it's my
thinking that this is a bug in policy, and should probably be entered in the
BTS (IE sombody should come up with a good proposal).  My reasoning: the
file in question is a contributed script.  It's not a part of the
supported functionality of the package, here or upstream.  Also, there's
already a lintian override for gnats in a similar case, which means that
debian-devel saw fit to allow it in that case.  I think a standard place to
shove contrib scripts is called for, but that's beyond the scope of this
message, this list, or me.

Which brings me to my last point: I'm not a debian-developer, and won't be
for a while.  So I'd like sombody to take this for me.  If you don't want to
do any work, you can just pass it all off on me; it'll get me off into a
debian-developer-mode no dought.

(I'd apply now, but I need to recover my gpg privite keyring first.)

	-=- James Mastros
A job well done is it's own reward.  And if this isn't well done, no dought
a bunch of bugreports will be my reward.

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