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Re: Install from CD-ROM problems

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, JARDINE, Jeff wrote:

> purchased about 5 years ago in a SB16 bundle.  I'm pretty sure it uses an
> IDE interface, but every IDE option in the Debian install procedure fails,
> giving the message "Unable to mount CD-ROM."  I've installed every device
> driver module that looks remotely like it might help recognize the drive.
> I've tried configuring it as a proprietary device, with no success.  I've
> read every relevent document I could find (Debian install FAQ, CD-ROM
> How-to, all the documentation on the Debian CD itself), and I'm stuck.

	I had the same problem with my SCSI CDROM. I had to switch to
another virtual console and mount the device manually. Also sometimes
opening and closing again the door of the device appeared to be neccessary.


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