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Re: Release status

> >   - Bugs.  The number of release-critical bugs is over 200 and growing.
> I think 2 of them are mine. Both of them concerns just one feature of
> the package. If the bugs still exist at the freeze my plan is:

Sorry, but i don't understand the intention of some debian maintainers.
Why not fixing bugs (any bug not only RCB) now and yet and not in 6 months ?

Also: some maintainer forward a bug-report upstream and wait for the response
from the upstream maintainer. This is ok, if the upstream maintainer 
generates a new package in one week, but this isn't very often so. 
So, please:

  - if you get an bug report with an patch: update your package and upload
    it in <= 2 weeks
  - if you need help: please ask

But don't lurk/wait/idle around!  



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