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Re: September Release?

On Tue, Jul 13, 1999 at 04:28:05PM -0700, David Bristel wrote:

> This will definately delay us, but by how much is anyone's guess.  I'd not wait
> on 2.4 though.  We DO need to have goals though.  glibc 2.1 and 2.2 kernel as
> the basis was what I thought were the big ones this time around.  apt-gnome will
> also be in there I believe.

Just to point out what the public is seeing...

http://debian.org/releases/potato/ :

   The code name for the next Debian release will be `potato''. It is likely
   that this release will be numbered `2.2'', but that is not yet certain.
   The major changes we know will be part of potato are the following:
     * Linux kernel 2.2 based (for architectures with Linux kernels at all).
     * GNU libc 2.1 based (upwardly binary compatible with GNU libc 2.0)
     * The egcs version of gcc, also known as egcc, will be the default C
   There is also a good chance that the potato release will include the
   powerpc and arm architectures.
Which seems fine (how is arm though?).  http://debian.org/devel/release_info :

   Debian version 2.2 (Nickname: potato)
     * estimated release - between June and August 1999
     * Linux kernel 2.2.x
     * Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
     * Gnome 1.x
     * PAM integration
     * Apt (part 3), the new front end to the package management system (dpkg)
     * first public release for powerpc architecture
     * perl 5.005 and ncurses
     * other goals to be decided
Admittedly the latter page is labelled "Developers' Corner" but it's still
out there for all to see so it seems about time to revise the list if needed.


p.s. I agree, there's little reason to stick to a strict release schedule
instead of setting goals for each release, and meeting them when possible.

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