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Re: Please check my translation

On Sat, Jul 10, 1999 at 11:05:08AM -0400, Branden Robinson wrote:
>> 'e2ps'  ---  White Tools Presents.    Copyright Nobuyuki SHIRAKI 1998
>I would move this line to the very bottom and change it to something like:
>White Tools presents e2ps.  Copyright 1998 Nobuyuki Shiraki.
>What are the rules for upcasing a Japanese name?  Some Japanese developers
>seem to do this, and others don't.  Is there an important distinction?
>Pardon my cultural ignorance, but I think I've heard that in Japanese, when
>speaking or writing someone's name, the family name is given first,
>followed by the personal name.  I.e., using Japanese name rules, I would
>say something like:
>"Hi, my name is Robinson Branden."
>Is my understanding correct?  I am probably not the only non-Japanese
>Debian developer who is unaware of the Japanese conventions in this area.

I'm ignorant on Japanese conventions too, but here is the FYI for Europe:

Some people prefer to put the lastname first, whereas most other don't
(i.e. Firstname Lastname), so it is unambiguous.
The French convention is to capitalize the Lastname to make this ambiguous.


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