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On Fri, Jul 09, 1999 at 11:14:28AM -0700, David Johnson wrote:
> Joseph Carter wrote:
> > KDE is/was talking about a license change (which will be a fair amount of
> > work in itself) and I've been working in my spare time (what spare time?)
> > on a license which I hope to offer them soon.  I really like where I'm
> > going with the license, I just need ten minutes to think about how to word
> > a couple of things so they say what I'm trying to get them to say.
> This is interesting, but I wonder if there is really a need for YAOOSL
> (yet another open source license). And if there is to be a YAOOSL, it
> needs to be general enough so that more than KDE developers will find a
> use for it.

Planned to be this way, yes...  Although the generality is why I haven't
finished it yet.  I know what I want to say but in a few places how to say
it is the issue.  I'll try to work on it this afternoon.

> If it does gain acceptance, it would be nice if there were also an
> annotated copy (like the QPL has) with clarifications so that non
> laywers can understand it. Maybe a FAQ. This is something that the GPL
> has sorely needed for years.

The GPL needs the license and annotations seperated.  =p  The way it's
done does nothing to further understanding (especially among those who do
not speak English natively)

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