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Joseph Carter wrote:
> KDE is/was talking about a license change (which will be a fair amount of
> work in itself) and I've been working in my spare time (what spare time?)
> on a license which I hope to offer them soon.  I really like where I'm
> going with the license, I just need ten minutes to think about how to word
> a couple of things so they say what I'm trying to get them to say.

This is interesting, but I wonder if there is really a need for YAOOSL
(yet another open source license). And if there is to be a YAOOSL, it
needs to be general enough so that more than KDE developers will find a
use for it.

> When I have a draft I'll post it on our -legal list for initial comments
> (are there any serious problems that affect this license in a way that
> would cause it to work other than as I mean it to?) and then to the
> kde-licensing list (is this workable and is it worth the effort of
> migrating to it?)

If it does gain acceptance, it would be nice if there were also an
annotated copy (like the QPL has) with clarifications so that non
laywers can understand it. Maybe a FAQ. This is something that the GPL
has sorely needed for years.

David Johnson

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