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Re: More FHS discussion (Was: Uploaded debhelper 2.0.09 (source all) to master)

At 19:29 -0600 1999-07-08, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Joey Hess wrote:
Joseph Carter wrote:
> Okay, what did upgrading to glibc2.1 without installing all the other
> packages that Espy had to NMU alongside it to insure nothing broke?  That
> as an aside because glibc2.1 should have been libc7 IMO since it does in
> fact cause these breaks.

If glibc2.1 doesn't conflict with the older versions of those packages, then
I would consider that a bug.

My understanding is that most of the bugs have been resolved either by
fixing glibc or by udjusting the postinst, even the problem with older APT
has been found, but I don't know if glibc has been fixed yet.

There is the libio compatibility issue, which has no solution other than relinking the affected library with glibc 2.1; this issue only affects linking new programs with the glibc 2.0-linked library, runtime compatibility is unaffected.

There is also the nasty libc_nonshared.a / unoptimized libreadline issue, which upstream seems to have little interest in addressing.

I will add some conflicts ([1]) to libc-dev for libncurses4-dev (<< <glibc 2.1-linked version>), libreadlineg2-dev (<< <glibc 2.1-linked version>) (libstdc++2.9-dev is dealt with already).

AFAIK, no one tracked down the issue that caused glib (runtime) to break, so I need to add conflicts ([1]) for that too.

[1] Actually, done for -14; as I was writing this I decided to go do it before I forgot. :)
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