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Re: ITP: whois-ripe

On Jul 08, Alexander Koch wrote:
> On Thu, 8 July 1999 11:24:44 +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > what's wrong with just typing 'whois -h whois.server.name query-string'?
> > or if query the same server a lot, make an alias or wrapper sh script 
> It strikes me as stupid to package the ripe whois client to have
> it point to the one database that is the *least* working one of
> all besides arin and for that crappy thing you don't need such a
> powerful whois client. ;-)

I think the default for "whois" has always been to point it at
InterNIC (well, before that, nic.ddn.mil IIRC) because that's where
the records for the Big 5 TLDs (com, org, net, edu, int) are kept.  I
realize I'm not in the biz, but getting a response from "whois
spammersrus.com" is useful, whereas AS records aren't.

If RIPE contained this information as well as the extra info, changing
the default would be reasonable.  Perhaps the client can be modified
to read a configuration file or something.


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