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Re: ITP: whois-ripe

On Thu, 8 July 1999 11:24:44 +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> what's wrong with just typing 'whois -h whois.server.name query-string'?
> or if query the same server a lot, make an alias or wrapper sh script 

It strikes me as stupid to package the ripe whois client to have
it point to the one database that is the *least* working one of
all besides arin and for that crappy thing you don't need such a
powerful whois client. ;-)

It's personal, I am usually looking up AS numbers, inetnum
objects and the like and whois -a is worth  some thousands
of dollar each year. You hardly need to specify the database
with -a, ripe makes it possible.

If not you're in that "business" (BGP is your friend etc.),
you feel lucky, ok? ,-)


Alexander Koch - <>< - WWJD - aka Efraim - PGP 0xE7694969 - ARGH-RIPE

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