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Re: Intent to Package: bladeenc 0.81

On Tue, Jul 06, 1999 at 12:59:59AM -0400, Brian Ristuccia wrote:

> I still haven't uploaded my package yet, since I'm not sure if I can do so
> without opening Debian to liability. I'm also not sure if I should upload
> the package to non-us/non-free or just non-us, and why.

What I would do is have a wrapper package ala Netscape. (If it still does it
this way).  Have it download the source from his site, debanise it, and install
it.  I'd also like to see an optional (P)GP(G) check that the tarball hasn't
changed unexpectedly.  Name it 'bladeenc-wrapper' or similar.

Whether it should be in non-us or non-free depends on where they want patented
software to be.  However, by doing a wrapper it could go in main without a

If you want to go ahead with this, I'll help in any way I can.. They have put
a freeze on new maintainers so I'm on the wrong side of the fence for now.

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