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Intent to Package: bladeenc 0.81

Unless there are any objections, I will download this package from Tord
Jansson's site in .se to pandora (a non-US machine in .nl) within the next
few days, apply my patch to debianize it on pandora, and place the results
in incoming on that machine.

Here's the contents of the copyright file I prepared:

It was downloaded from


BladeEnc is free software, distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public
License. See the file /usr/doc/copyright/LGPL, BladeEnc's homepage
<http://www.bladeenc.cjb.net> or <http://www.fsf.org/> for more details.

As required by Debian policy, this software has been placed in
non-US/non-free. Although the sourcecode for BladeEnc is distributed under
the LGPL, it includes algorithms and solutions that some of the creators of
the MPEG-1/2 Layer 3 standard claim to have legitimate patents on. These
patents, if valid in your locale, may affect your right to use and/or
distribute the software. If you have doubts surrouding your right to use or
distribute this software, consult a patent attorney before doing so.

On Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 06:42:07PM +0100, Alexey Marinichev wrote:
> No, I have no objections, please go ahead.  I will find something else to
> enter Debian with.
> Looks like the issue about the patents is resolved.  If I understood it right,
> one can distribute the bladeenc package in Germany, but *using* it violates
> the patent or something.  Debian is only going to distribute it.
> 	--Lyosha

Brian Ristuccia

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