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ITP: z81

I'm intending to package z81, a Sincair ZX81 emulator for linux.

Actually, I've already packaged it - at the moment, this is really
more an "intent to become maintainer of" message.  (Say, are there any
debian maintainers in Waterloo, Ontario?  I need to get a key

I suppose I might as well ask a related question, while I'm
at it:

z81 actually builds four binaries:

- xz81, an X windows client (doesn't use Xlib)
- z81, a svga client (uses svgalib)
- z81txt, a text-mode client (but which still needs root access to the
console, apparently).
- a fourth binary used to read ZX81 cassette tapes through /dev/dsp.

How should I package this?  At the moment I have built a package with
all four binaries included, which depends on either the real or fake
svga library.  Should these actually be packaged separately?  This
would presumably lead to five packages in all - one for each version
of the emulator, one for the emulator manpage, and one for the
download program.  This seems a bit excessive for what is really a
very small program.


Christopher Allen

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