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Re: EXTREMELY OT: What MTA is this?

On 05 Jul 1999 09:32:08 +0100, you wrote:
>Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@ualberta.ca> writes:
>> On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, Michael Beattie wrote:
>> > Sorry for the noise....
>> TIS FWTK (Fire Wall Toolkit) SMTP proxy I'll wager
>No, TIS isn't this funny.  The fact that the initial response is a joke:
>  220 sun.dhis.org SMTP ready, Who are you gonna pretend to be today?
>probably indicates that this host doesn't really accept mail at all
>(Unless that mail actually arrived), and in fact has an amusing little
>SMTP emulator, which probably just logs your details as a looser who
>is attempting to relay.

Nope, this is realmail software. The MX for fh-brandenburg.de used to
run exactly this software and mail sent to that machine does certainly


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