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Re: EXTREMELY OT: What MTA is this?

On 5 Jul 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

> No, TIS isn't this funny.  The fact that the initial response is a joke:
>   220 sun.dhis.org SMTP ready, Who are you gonna pretend to be today?
> probably indicates that this host doesn't really accept mail at all
> (Unless that mail actually arrived), and in fact has an amusing little
> SMTP emulator, which probably just logs your details as a looser who
> is attempting to relay.

Actually, its the dhis.org relay server for when a user is offline. My
host's MX is set to relay.dhis.org.

The mail I am responding to is from this very service. I was testing to
make sure I wasnt losing mail.
I also believe it is "loser" is it not? I may be wrong.

> Of course, you gave away the fact that you were typing this by hand in
> several ways. 

Which were on purpose to recieve the replies I wanted to send to the list.

> They could have been checking for telnet connections,
> you wouldn't be typing quickly enough to look like a real SMTP
> connection, and you failed to put the addresses in <angle brackets>,
> so perhaps it drops into a custom mail rejecter when those alarms go
> off.

Funnily enough, It went through, and I recieved it. Most SMTP
transactions will be valid without angle brackets btw.

                     Michael Beattie (mike@omnic.dhis.org)

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