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Re: Can I get IPv6 supported perl ?

>>>>> In article <87so77fszk.fsf@perv.daft.com>,
>>>>> "DE" == Darren/Torin/Who Ever <torin@daft.com> wrote...
DE> Takuro KITAME, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>> madoka 5.x needs IPv6 supported perl for IPv6 connection.(but no need
>> for IPv4 connection) 
>> Can I find and get IPv6 perl?  and where?

DE> What's needed to make Perl IPv6 compliant?  Will making it compliant
DE> break IPv4?

I found IPv6 patch for perl 5.004_04 at 
I got it and perl source package(of Debian, old version).
Well applied patch and build. But build was faild and I given up.

I don't know does other IPv6 patch available, or where found.

IPv6 compliant will not break IPv4, maybe.


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