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Can I get IPv6 supported perl ?

>>>>> In article <14201.31731.359827.24229Z@emeraldas.debian.gr.jp>,
>>>>> "TK" == Takuro KITAME <Takuro> wrote...

TK> I asked about difference of between 4 and 5 to madoka developers.
TK> answer, That's only IPv6 support. 5 includes all of 4. 

madoka 5.x needs IPv6 supported perl for IPv6 connection.(but no need
for IPv4 connection) 

Can I find and get IPv6 perl?  and where?

>>>>> In article <87emivjv25.fsf@perv.daft.com>,
>>>>> "DE" == Darren/Torin/Who Ever <torin@daft.com> wrote...
DE> I've got the following apt line in my /etc/apt/sources.list on my test
DE> machine.
DE> deb http://www.daft.com/pub/debian/released ./

Sorry my off topic question, are there IPv6 supported perl?


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