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SEUL makes lotsa RTPs

Hi all,

The education section of Simple End-User Linux (SEUL) is making what
amounts to two mass requests to package. They asked me to package more
stuff from SEUL, and I'm only a beginning packager, struggling as I am
with getting a install target leading from a makefile in . to another
in ./src to pass the variable $DESTDIR. (anyone want to look at it and
help me? :)

So, please look at the list of current projects. The list is at:


There are lots of things to choose from. You can look also at the list of
existing software, at:


Thank you for reading this.

Please cc: jim@laney.edu (I'm not presently subscribed to -devel)


Jim Lynch       Finger for pgp key
as Laney College CIS admin:  jim@laney.edu   http://www.laney.edu/~jim/
as Debian developer:         jwl@debian.org  http://www.debian.org/~jwl/

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