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Re: Number of Debian packages [was Re: iMatix Open Source software]

On 1 Jul 1999, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

> Victor Wagner <vitus@ice.ru> writes:
> As you said further down that mail, it would greatly increase the
> distribution size, which is pretty large already (20 MB/day 2 years
> ago and 100 MB/day now).
> One solution would binary diffs. Build all versions, put the bare
> version on the CD and for all other versions, stick a bin patch on
> it. The difference due to something like a different sound driver
> should be realy small.
I'm afraid you underestimate differentces between client-server audio
architecture like nas and programs which access /dev/dsp directly (which
reminds me DOS-style). But, becouse we have shared libaudio, changes might
be not-so-big.

Really, we are now at point where binary diffs are needed badly, not just
to shrink distribution size, but to  shrink size of security updates.
I think we can model it after BSDI patch system, which worked well for
years until recently BSDI failed to provide security patches for older
releases, and fail to give discount on upgrade.

> MfG,
> 	Goswin

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