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Re: splitting and renaming gnu-smalltalk

"Alexander" == Alexander Shinn <foof@umbc.edu> writes:

Alexander> gst: basic executable
Alexander> gst-blox: executable with x11 support
Alexander> with gst-tcp and gst-blox-tcp in the future.  If there grew

I thought it was Debian practice to always compile the X11 support in,
if theres an option, so we can avoid this needless duplication of

Alexander> each module, and a package gst-all for the executable
Alexander> compiled with every module.

Not gst-common?


<wildcat> i can do uname
<wildcat> and about 6 other commands.
<wildcat> is debian working on more commands?

<tausq> wildcat, it's called the "base system" for a reason

<netgod> the rest of the commands will have to wait for Debian 3.0 :-)

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