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Re: Number of Debian packages [was Re: iMatix Open Source software]

Victor Wagner <vitus@ice.ru> writes:

> On 30 Jun 1999, Jason Henry Parker wrote:
> For each of sound-aware application provide three packages -
> for bare /dev/dsp, for NAS and for esd. Each of them would be smaller
> than say, current version of festival or timidity, which supports more
> than one way of output, and it would be easy for people to pick ones they
> need. 
> Separate print plugin for gimp from gimp (let gimp suggest it), and
> provide separate plugin for each print spooling system Debian have.

As you said further down that mail, it would greatly increase the
distribution size, which is pretty large already (20 MB/day 2 years
ago and 100 MB/day now).

One solution would binary diffs. Build all versions, put the bare
version on the CD and for all other versions, stick a bin patch on
it. The difference due to something like a different sound driver
should be realy small.


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