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Re: splitting and renaming gnu-smalltalk

On Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 04:43:45AM -0400, Johnie Ingram wrote:

> "Alexander" == Alexander Shinn <foof@umbc.edu> writes:
> Alexander> gst: basic executable gst-blox: executable with x11 support
> Alexander> with gst-tcp and gst-blox-tcp in the future. If there grew
> I thought it was Debian practice to always compile the X11 support
> in, if theres an option, so we can avoid this needless duplication of
> packages.

Yes, and I should have done that while it was one package, but that's
not the point anymore.  I'm trying to accomodate (the potentail for)
multiple modules that people may or may not want.  Like all the libs
available for languages like perl and python, except since smalltalk
can't load these dynamically, I'm making a seperate executable for
each, and using update-alternatives to resolve the differences.  You
might argue that I should include blox by default, but there could be
multiple X11 modules, such as gst-kde and gst-gnome.

> Alexander> each module, and a package gst-all for the executable
> Alexander> compiled with every module.
> Not gst-common?

That was in the original message... gst-common is the name I'm using
for the package with the smalltalk code and other arch-indep data.


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