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Re: Install original .texi files

On Sun, Jun 20, 1999 at 06:09:16PM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> On debian-devel, Norbert Nemec <nobbi@cheerful.com> wrote:
> > Now - I do not have a real solution for the whole thing yet. That is
> > something that would have to be thought through thoroughly. Several ideas:
> > 
> > - include texi files in the packages and let a mechanism create the files
> > the sysad wants on the system.
> Yes, I like this one. 

Great, somebody backing the idea... :-)

> If I remember correctly there was an X11 info browser
> that used the original .texi files for prettier info browsing. Obviously it
> is not packaged for Debian because Debian does not ship with .texi files
> installed. I forget the name of the info browser concerned.

I think there are a few more PROs for that. Only to mention pretty

> Two questions, where would the texi source go? Somewhere in /usr/share?

Beneith /usr/doc ? But then, that's more the place for compiled versions. 

> and
> has the split of makeinfo from tetex been completed?

Makeinfo, as well as texi2html (and the other texi2... tools) I don't know
how much of the tetex package they would actually need to work?

> If info pages are
> generated on the fly, or at least at install time,

I'd prefer install time with a update-... program. I doubt "on the
fly" could be implemented with the info reader. (And in emacs, and,...)

> as I think this proposal is 
> suggesting, the we need makeinfo available, and I am not sure people would
> want to have the whole of tetex installed just to read an info page.
> But then
> I suppose the same could be argued about man and groff.

These packages are not that big.

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