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Install original .texi files

On debian-devel, Norbert Nemec <nobbi@cheerful.com> wrote:
> Now - I do not have a real solution for the whole thing yet. That is
> something that would have to be thought through thoroughly. Several ideas:
> - include texi files in the packages and let a mechanism create the files
> the sysad wants on the system.

Yes, I like this one. If I remember correctly there was an X11 info browser
that used the original .texi files for prettier info browsing. Obviously it
is not packaged for Debian because Debian does not ship with .texi files
installed. I forget the name of the info browser concerned.

Two questions, where would the texi source go? Somewhere in /usr/share? and
has the split of makeinfo from tetex been completed? If info pages are
generated on the fly, or at least at install time, as I think this proposal is 
suggesting, the we need makeinfo available, and I am not sure people would
want to have the whole of tetex installed just to read an info page. But then
I suppose the same could be argued about man and groff.

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