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HTML instead of GNU Info?

Hi there,

what is the general opinion about moving away from GNU Info completely and
integrate all the TexInfo documentation into our preferred HTML standard?
(At least I think it is, officially.) The program texi2html produces usable
output which is readable in a much more flexible manner, IMO.

I'm sure there may be a strong lobby in favor of GNU Info format (Especially
the Emacs people, I guess...) So this will be something to discuss.

On the long run, I'm sure though, we should try to integrate all the
documentation into one system and that is best possible in HTML (Would be
nice, if more documentation were registered in doc-base!) So having the
whole info tree in there, too would be a large step forward.

In case we really can't depart from GNU Info completely, we could still
consider having both supported as an alternative, but that would mean an
efford that I would like to avoid.

You opinions? 

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