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Re: ITP: jvim

Previously Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> This Package is built using VIM-3.0 and the Japanese patch 1.5b
> from K. Tsuchida <ken_t@st.rim.or.jp>.

Let me comment on this as the maintainer of the vim packages :)

I have a few questions about this:
* did you talk with Bram Moolenaar (or even better, the vim-dev list)
  about merging japanese support with the standard upstream version?
* are you aware that version 3.0 is really old? The current version is
  5.3 and 5.4 was just upgraded from alpha to a beta version.
* the copyright that you list seems to be the copyright of the current
  vim 5.3 package, not the vim 3.0 copyright. Is that intentional?


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