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Re: ITP: fdisk-pc9800

Masato Taruishi <taru@debian.or.jp> writes:

> fdisk-pc9800 is tha package to partition a hard disk for NEC PC9800 series.

> Source: fdisk-pc9800
> Section: base
> Priority: standard

> I'm confused about `Priority:'... required or standard?

For a package that's only used by one particular class of machines?
I'd say Priority: Extra.

Standard (and esp. required) is for stuff that *everybody* needs, not
just everybody with a specific brand of hardware.  Even if the package
is required for that hardware.

(Hardware as opposed to architecture, of course.  If it's necessary
for a given arch, then it should be Priority: required on that arch,
but I'm assuming that the NEC PC9800 is arch i386, rather than being a
whole new port of Debian.)
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