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Re: ITP: diskless for NFS-ROOT tree structures.

On Fri, 18 Jun 1999 14:31:46 +1000, Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au> said:
> In article <pzhfo6nbci.fsf@eeyore.ibcinc.com> you write:
>> use Proc::WaitStat qw(waitstat_reuse);
> What is this? It wasn't installed on my computer, so I commented it out,
> and it seems OK... Coincidence?

It's in libproc-waitstat-perl.  The script only seems to work without it
(due to Perl's awful indirect object notation ambiguity, we really need
a pragma to disable it).  Run

    stderr-die sh -c 'exit 23'

and you'll see that you really do need to load this module.

Roderick Schertler

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