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Re: UK Unix Users Group --- Linux '99 Conference --- Next Weekend

On debian-devel, Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
> Ian Jackson and James Troup are going to be speaking, and there will probably 
> be several other debianites around (well, me at least :-)
> I'm hoping to have time to sort out some CDs to sell/give away, but I've only 
> got a single CD burner, so anyone else that that can lend a hand, or who
> knows how to source freebies, please get in touch.
> If people who are intending to ne there, mail me, we should be able to 
> organise some sort of key-signing/gathering/pub-crawl/whatever.

I might be interested. I am busy on the 25th but free on the 26th. It looked
like it was expensive to get in, any discounts for Debian developers?

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