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UK Unix Users Group --- Linux '99 Conference --- Next Weekend

Here's some blurb that may well be of interest to people in the UK:


    As you know the UKUUG are planning their second annual Linux
    Conference to be held on the 25th-26th June 1999 at Aston University
    in Birmingham. The booking deadline for this event is Friday 18th 
    June so if you want to attend the event it is suggested you send in your 
    booking form now.

    The web site for this event is at: http://www.linux.ukuug.org/linux99/

    Full details of the speakers and the venue are listed on the site as
    well as information useful for those requiring accomodation or travel
    to the event.

    If you require to book tickets for rail travel and don't want to
    book online you can try the following telephone number: 08457 225 225
    New speakers have been added to the programme of events since the
    flyer for the event was posted to members, full information on the

    The following companies will be exhibiting their products at the event:

    O'Reilly - offering 25% discount on their books

    EMPEG - makers of an in car MP3 player that uses Linux - www.empeg.com

    The Linux Emporium - http://www.linux-emporium.co.uk/

    Jason Clifford - http://www.jasonclifford.com/

    GB Direct - http://www.gbdirect.co.uk/


Ian Jackson and James Troup are going to be speaking, and there will probably 
be several other debianites around (well, me at least :-)

I'm hoping to have time to sort out some CDs to sell/give away, but I've only 
got a single CD burner, so anyone else that that can lend a hand, or who knows 
how to source freebies, please get in touch.

If people who are intending to ne there, mail me, we should be able to 
organise some sort of key-signing/gathering/pub-crawl/whatever.

BTW  Is there a debian-uk mailing list that I should be sending this to 

Cheers, Phil.

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