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Re: Kernel 2.2.9 and Iomege Zip drive

Previously Andreas Tille wrote:
> Strangely enough it *was* necessary regardingless the fact that
> it was in arch/i386 defined (which I checked after the replys to my
> mail).  Anyway it works now and I'm happy :).

Weird. Can you please check why that didn't work for you?

> Hmmm, are you sure for /dev/_h_db??  I thought it has to be an
> /dev/sd? device in general /dev/sd?4 (if there are no SCSI discs
> for example /dev/sda4).  I don't understand *why* it should be an
> IDE disk and what would it help me if it works with sda4.

Euh, my mistake. I'm using an IDE ZIP-drive myself and forgot that
you should use a different device..

> May be that was the necessary bit.  But does `dpkg -i kernel-image`
> which I build using make-kpkg doesn't do this job?

No, and it's not supposed to since it doesn't touch any of the
files in /etc/modutils/ .


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