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Re: Kernel 2.2.9 and Iomege Zip drive

Previously Jeff Licquia wrote:
> In a file in /etc/modutils:
> alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc

That is already done in /etc/modutils/arch/i386, so that should not
really be necessary (this was done in modutils 2.1.121-9).

You might also need to have a line like the following:

alias block-major-3-64 ppa

Which says that the block device /dev/hdb is handled using the ppa
driver. You can get the correct numbers by doing "file <device>".
For example:

[lightning:~]-21> file /dev/hdb
/dev/hdb: block special (3/64)

> Then 'update-modules'.

That still holds.


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