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Re: Why was exim selcted as the default MTA?

On Sat, Jun 12, 1999 at 01:51:30PM -0500, Jor-el wrote:

> Maybe our ISP's are setup differently. The debian out-of-box
> configuration did not work for me (and I selected option (2) [for
> smarthost relaying] during the configure). Here is what I got for 1 mail
> prior to my "fixing" the problem :
> 1999-06-10 01:15:58 10ry7u-0000A1-00 SMTP error from remote mailer after
> MAIL FROM: <coder@marvin.megadodo.umb> SIZE=1371: host smtp1.ibm.net
> []: 451 <coder@marvin.megadodo.umb>... Unresolvable domainname.
> Contact your administrator.

this isn't an exim issue. it's the anti-spam software on your ISP...most
ISPs will reject mail from non-existant domains now because a) it is
highly likely to be spam, and b) if it isn't spam, why bother accepting
mail that doesn't have a valid reply address...better to bounce it

even if your ISP did accept the mail from a bogus address, it is likely
that your recipient's mailer will reject it - and you would never know
because there is no valid address to bounce it to.

the solution is to get yourself one of the free dynamic dns hostnames
(e.g. dhis.org) and configure exim to use that...you'll have a hostname
which is valid for your internal network and on the internet.


ps: i use postfix. it's a good MTA. trouble is that it is not quite free
yet (evil termination clause...hopefully will be resolved soon). exim is
also a good MTA...either of them can rewrite headers fairly easily but,
as noted above, that isn't the best solution.

craig sanders

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