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Re: Why was exim selcted as the default MTA?

Jor-el <jorel@ibm.net> writes:
J> I must rewrite my envelope sender header, or my ISP will not accept
J> mail from me.

Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org> responded:
D> Always worked for me, with at least four different ISPs over the
D> last five years.

And Jor-el then wrote:
J> Maybe our ISP's are setup differently....  Here is what I got for 1
J> mail prior to my "fixing" the problem :
J>   ...
J> []: 451 <coder@marvin.megadodo.umb>... Unresolvable domainname.

As was touched upon recently, starting with version 8.9, sendmail by
default checks that the sender's FROM: line is resolvable.  Most
people think that this check is a good thing, so expect this
restriction to spread rapidly.

Of course, this check could be implemented even in prior versions of
sendmail by including appropriate lines in sendmail.cf.  In fact,
www.sendmail.org has explicit instructions for adding this check for
sendmail 8.8 users.  Jor-el's relay is indeed using sendmail 8.8,
presumably with this check added.


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