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Re: Why was exim selcted as the default MTA?

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999, Marc Haber wrote:

> On Sat, 12 Jun 1999 10:01:11 -0500 (CDT), you wrote:
> > 
> >	Let me give an example of the problem I am facing. I run a private
> >network, with an unregistered domain name. I dialup to my ISP and use his
> >smtp and pop server for mail. If I want to queue up my mail on my local
> >smtp server which will do a 'smarthost' relay to the ISP smtp server, I
> >must rewrite my envelope sender header, or my ISP will not accept mail
> >from me.
> This is exactly the situation I have on torres, my home machine.
> Since I am the only user on torres at the moment, I have set static
> rewrite rules but suspect that it would be no problem to do this with
> a database/lookup solution.
> |mh@gf1.internal		my-real-address@gmx.de F
> |root@gf1.internal		my-real-address@gmx.de F
> |postmaster@gf1.internal	my-real-address@gmx.de F
> |
> |my-real-address@gmx.de		mh@gf1.internal T
> |another-of-my-addresses@gmx.de	mh@gf1.internal T
> |my-third-address@gmx.de		mh@gf1.internal T
> The first three take care that Mail that I send gets delivered to the
> outside correctly, the last three are responsible so that mail that
> comes in can actually reach me.
> The .internal addresses usually never show up anywhere and this
> rewriting setup even makes mail addressed to my "external" address
> delivered locally without going "outside". I found out that this works
> like a charm.
> I also run exim -bd in /etc/init.d/exim and exim -q2m in
> /etc/ppp/ip-up.d
> Also, queue_remote would be a good idea.

	If I understand your solution correctly, mail originating and
destined for your local domain will still appear to originate from the
outside. That is what I am trying to fix.


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