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Re: Why was exim selcted as the default MTA?

On Sat, 12 Jun 1999 10:01:11 -0500 (CDT), you wrote:
>	The designer of exim has explicitly stated that exim was designed
>with 24x7 connectivity to the internet assumed. Because of that
>assumption, people who use exim on dialup machines, or machines having
>some other intermittent connection, have to workaround some problems.

However, exim works absolutely fine in a dial-up setting, too. I am
running two Linux boxes on dial-up lines (one handling its own domain,
the other one with dynamic IP and unregistered domain).

>	Let me give an example of the problem I am facing. I run a private
>network, with an unregistered domain name. I dialup to my ISP and use his
>smtp and pop server for mail. If I want to queue up my mail on my local
>smtp server which will do a 'smarthost' relay to the ISP smtp server, I
>must rewrite my envelope sender header, or my ISP will not accept mail
>from me.

This is exactly the situation I have on torres, my home machine.

Since I am the only user on torres at the moment, I have set static
rewrite rules but suspect that it would be no problem to do this with
a database/lookup solution.

|mh@gf1.internal		my-real-address@gmx.de F
|root@gf1.internal		my-real-address@gmx.de F
|postmaster@gf1.internal	my-real-address@gmx.de F
|my-real-address@gmx.de		mh@gf1.internal T
|another-of-my-addresses@gmx.de	mh@gf1.internal T
|my-third-address@gmx.de		mh@gf1.internal T

The first three take care that Mail that I send gets delivered to the
outside correctly, the last three are responsible so that mail that
comes in can actually reach me.

The .internal addresses usually never show up anywhere and this
rewriting setup even makes mail addressed to my "external" address
delivered locally without going "outside". I found out that this works
like a charm.

I also run exim -bd in /etc/init.d/exim and exim -q2m in

Also, queue_remote would be a good idea.


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