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Re: little? apt suggestion

> How about an apt-get command that retrieves a list of mirrors and pings them
> all to get an idea of the speed and then adds a line to sources.list for
> the quickest site. Maybe a nice curses ui to choose if you want security.debian,
> latest gnome packages, netgod's x updates etc. as well.
I'd suggest that this should be a standalone app. It sounds like it'd be
usefull for other applications.

> i also rename the file in /var/state/apt/lists so that it corresponds
That's a bad idea.  It's not guarunteed that all mirrors are in sync --
some may mirror every day,  others once a week.  This will lead to apt
being upset when it tries to download a file that doesn't exist on the new
mirror site (because the mirror is ahead or behind the previous one)

> implement such a feature but I'm not a maintainer yet and the mailings
> about how much time it takes to process a new application are quite
> discouraging :(
Write your mirror-pinging utility first.  Get it working,  get people to
use it.  Once it works well,  apply for maintainership. :)


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