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Re: weekly policy summary

***** WA => Wichert Akkerman

WA> I disagree here. Personally I would be very annoyed if I got a CD
WA> (an official CD even) and then discover that there are packages in
WA> main that don't work. The frustration that can gave greatly
WA> outweighs the fact that you save people a couple of minutes of
WA> download time.

What if, for example, you have an official CD which Suggest: packages
you don't have on that very CD, because they are non-free (and you
don't want to buy non-free items)?

I don't recall if we reached consensus on this one (i.e., free
packages SHOULD not suggest non-free packages), so, please, forgive me
if this has been already settled down.

Beside, I think Marco's right: better have to download just true
non-us packages than the packages that depend on them as well.

Technically, I think the matter should be resolved by our installation
tools ("I see you requested package foo, that depends on package bar;
however package bar is not available on your source media (CD-ROM),
because you live in a police state that doesn't allow you easy access
to reasonable free software like other free country in the world do.
Would you like me to download the missing bar package for you (you may
be forced to move to another country if you don't)? (Y/N).  Or
something like that, you get the picture. :-).


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